10 Inch Crystal Cut Lamp Shades

If you are looking to add the highest level of elegance and class to your lamps, look no further than 10-inch crystal cut lamp shades. The perfect chance to add the best styles to your antique, they will give you the customization to make your lamp your own. Glass shades are the perfect opportunity to add some personality to your lamp, becoming the center of your entire decorum. Browse our large selection of options to find the right look for you!

These 10-inch crystal cut lamp shades are true works of art. It not only takes a skilled glass blower to make a nice 10-inch shade, but it also takes a skilled artist to cut it. Each shade is hand blown in pure, clear glass; then the shade is sand etched (for the frosted look). Finally, the shade is decorated by hand with copper wheel cutting, engraving, and polishing to clear. A long and careful process ensures that every last product comes out looking amazing, the perfect addition to any lamp.

We have several styles of masterfully crafted 10-inch crystal cut lamp shades that will suit your taste. The student lamp shade style is a highly popular choice, providing a simple and classic shape with plenty of space for a great etched design. For a more intricate feel, Tam-O-Shanter designs have a distinctive bulge with an elegantly designed top. Astral and Sinumbra styles are also available, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a taller shade that still has artistic curves. With so many options, you are certain to find a look that matches your taste!

If you need help choosing the right parts to complete your next restoration or repair, feel free to contact our expert support. We can help you find the right products for the job so that you can start enjoying your new lamp in no time. Find a beautiful style that you will love for years to come with us!