Fixture Glass Lamp Shades

When decorating your home or business, few things make quite the statement that a bold light fixture can. An easy way to take any drab lamp is to accessorize it with a stunning shade. One of the most popular designs in shades is fixture style. We offer many fixture style glass lamp shades to dress up even the drabbest of lamps.

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With our diverse inventory of fixture style glass lamp shades, you are sure to find one that is right for you. We offer light fixture covers for everything from the front porch to the bathroom vanity. With an unmatched depth of variety to choose from, we have the best selection of fixture style glass lamp shades on the market. Whether searching for the elegance and refinement of an etched-on intricate pattern or the artistry of hand-painted floral arrangements, we have many different designs, colors, and sizes. We offer everything from Victorian inspired lamp covers with roses ingrained in the glass to the fun of Art Deco to the elegance of Art Nouveau. Many of the selections in our inventory feature hand-blown glass and meticulously thoughtful craftsmanship, produced by American artists. We are proud to offer such a wide selection of these exquisite covers because we believe antique lighting fixtures should be a glorious representation of the beauty and value of the past, but also allow room for your individual expression of personality and style.

With over 60 years of being your source for antique lamp supplies, we have built our reputation on our commitment to bringing you the best products at the best prices. We are passionate about antique lamps, and we understand the importance of finding that perfect trimming or lamp shade to make a masterpiece out of your old lamp. An antique of any kind is meant to be cared for and cherished for decades. It is something to proudly pass on to your children and for them to pass to theirs. Shop today from a company that understands the value of the past while still forging ahead for a better future for all of us.