Glass Lamp Shades by Size

Using different glass shades in your home makes it possible to control the flow of light, create atmospheres, and change the mood to suit your taste and highlight certain areas in a room. Lighting, used with the right glass lamp shade, is one of the key ways you can influence how a room in your home feels and what impression it gives off. For some people, lighting is even more important than furniture or other décor. Such is the power of how we react to ambient illumination.

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At Antique Lamp Supply, we have a wide range of glass shades to suit your style and give you even greater control over the lighting in your home so that you can add your very own design flourishes. You will find different glass shades to suit your lighting fixture's size and color scheme. Choose bold and bright colors for spaces that you want to be vibrant and upbeat or opt for darker varieties if you want to create a more intimate and ambient environment.


All glass (shades,chimneys,hurricanes) will vary in thickness due to the manufacturing process. They will fit the holder/burner specified in their description.