Decorative Lamp Finials

When it comes to lighting a room, there are many options to choose from. Styles, shapes, and colors of various types are available to fit whatever design choice you may be going for in your home or business. This can be a great opportunity for those with a passion for decorating to show off their skills and manifest their unique artistic taste for others to see.

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After you've made your design choices and have illuminated your room with a stylish choice, it's important to add the finishing touches. These subtle additions can sometimes make a good design choice become a great one. While shades, bases, and parts are all important components of an attractive lighting fixture, there are some parts which add that small bit of extra flare and personality.

A lamp finial is a good example of this. They can improve the look of a lighting fixture. Table models and floor models alike can benefit from this unique design choice. We offer a wide variety of finials in diverse styles to fit the need of any creative decorator. You will be sure to catch the eye of guests with these unique components that are designed to improve the look of a lighting fixture.

Our wide selection of finials include classic style, brass and cast metal, crystal glass, floor, oriental style, porcelain, ceramic, and wood. We also offer finial bases in order to help these decorative pieces remain sturdy, with a number of vintage options in addition to our contemporary stock.

As a specialty organization that is dedicated to being a first choice in this unique industry, we guarantee a high level of quality on every item in our inventory. In addition to providing a supply of unique items, we also strive to provide a level of customer service which is just as distinct as our inventory.

Give your light fixture the added bit of flare it needs. Show off your artistic side and complete a room design with one of these unique pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all lamp finials the same size?

In general, there are 2 different thread sizes for most lamps. The most common thread for finials is called Harp thread and is ¼-27 (a threaded solid stud ¼" diameter.). The second is called a nipple or pipe thread finial, which is 1/8, a hollow threaded tube about 3/8" in diameter.

What are finials on lamps?

Lamp finials are set or screwed in place over a lamp harp (the component to which a lampshade is attached) and hold a washer fitter shade to the top of a lamp.

What is the knob on top of the lamp shade called?

The knob found on top of a lampshade is called a finial and can serve to be both functional in keeping a lampshade in place and as a decorative finishing touch to a lamp.