Floor Lamp & Large Lamp Finials

Having beautiful lighting for every room in your home is important to maintaining the overall atmosphere and feel of your decor. Not only are lamps a great way to provide the perfect amount of light to suit your needs, but they also provide an amazing opportunity to add some extra style as well. This is especially true when you use ornate and intricate finials to top off your lamp. Adding a beautiful artistic piece is a favorite method many people use to bring out the beauty of their antique, and using our floor lamp finials will help you find the right addition to even the largest models in your home.

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One size does not fit all when it comes to this hardware, and large lamp finials might be necessary to fit your larger floor lamps. Many finials are designed specifically for smaller table lamps, and will not match properly with a larger model. If you are having difficulty finding hardware that both looks fantastic and fits perfectly, check out our selection of options and get the right match in no time. All of our floor lamp finials are designed with high style and long lasting durability in mind. With a 1/4-27F base, they match larger sized table lamps, as well as floor lamps with ease.

You will find many different looks to match your taste when it comes to our great collection of large lamp finials. Heights vary from 3 1/4 to 5 1/8 inches, so you can get a design that will proportionally match the height of your antique. With a classy brass finish, they will perfectly fit any antique look and will shine for years to come. Our high-quality metal is built to last, and will remain durable and in peak condition to help extend the life of your lamp. Choose from many ornate and intricate designs, from traditional fleur de lis and wreath to blooms and standard geometric shapes. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find the perfect match with our many options!