Porcelain, Ceramic, Wood, and Stone Lamp Finials

Complete the look of your antique lamp fixtures with a quality finial. This will help you top them off with an ornate and intricate look that will take them from basic to elegant in seconds. Ensure they evoke the atmosphere and feeling you are going for with your decor by choosing an option that matches your vision. Finials are a great opportunity to customize the look of your lamp, and there are countless interchangeable options to fit any hardware. We have a great selection of porcelain lamp finials, ceramic lamp finials, wood lamp finials, and stone lamp finials so that you can find the perfect match for your style.

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When it comes to a flexible option that can fit just about any fixture, check out our beautiful porcelain lamp finials. These make great options because they are easily crafted to fit just about any design. They can create intricate and highly detailed finials with bright colors that will make your lamp the focal point of any room. Whatever lamp you are looking to top, this is a great place to start your search.

Ceramic lamp finials are popular because they provide a smooth, glossy finish to any light fixture. With the glaze finish on every piece, they are an easy way to add some shine to your lamp. Choose from several colors such as bronze, black, and white in a classic ball and other geometric designs for an elegant look.

The perfect choice for evoking a truly vintage and antique feel from your fixture, wood lamp finials come in beautiful oak, walnut, and more. Choose various simple designs such as cylinders, squares, and spheres, and enjoy a simple look that will match any antique with ease. With a smooth, carved style, they create an atmosphere that cannot quite be matched by other options.

For a little bit of extra color and elegance, choose stone lamp finials. Made from various beautiful minerals such as quartz, jasper, and onyx, they will allow you to add a beautiful gemstone look to your light fixture. Crystal is also a highly popular choice, being used in lamps and chandeliers around the world for decades. Stones are perfect for reflecting light and creating an instant sparkle in any room.

Find dozens of options within our wide selection of lamp finials. We are proud to provide high-quality hardware so that you can get the perfect design to suit your taste. Our finials will ensure you love your lamp to the fullest for years to come!