Lamp Bases, Breaks, Loaders, & Connectors for Table & Floor Lamps

Our wide selection of lamp parts and components includes functional and attractive lamp bases, acrylic lamp bases and breaks, loaders, and connectors. Each of these parts serves a unique function for your table or floor lamp. We specialize in vintage lamp bases made from beautiful cast brass, and versatile acrylic or lucite, but we also offer products made from wood, marble, and other materials.

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Lamp bases serve a clear purpose: to provide a stable foundation for floor lamps and table lamps. This uncomplicated component is available in many attractive variations, most of them crafted from cast brass. This material in particular is well suited for vintage and antique projects that have an old-style charm. The shapes, finishes, and designs available reflect this classic antique style.

Other materials are also available in addition to brass, and we have a lamp base available in many different shapes. Materials include wood, which is available in a variety of finishes, and a combination of marble and brass. Circles, squares, and footed styles are only a few of the shapes available.

Breaks are another functional part that is also attractive. Breaks allow you to connect the base to the tubing or column of your fixture. We offer several beautiful breaks made of materials such as marble and onyx. These components are available in both round and square shapes.

Connectors are similar to breaks, but they are generally used to connect metal bases to glass fonts, such as those found on a kerosene fixture. We offer several different sizes of brass connector, suitable for a variety of projects. All of these products are made from spun brass that has been polished and lacquered.

Finally, we have a great selection of loaders, which are used to provide extra weight at the base of a fixture. Our loaders are made from cast iron, and they weigh up to five pounds. These will prevent an unstable fixture from tipping over during normal use. When using a loader, you may need to use a longer central pipe on your fixture.

All of these components will make your floor and table-top fixtures look great, and they will also make these fixtures more stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bottom of a lamp called?
The bottom of a lamp is called a lamp base, and a lamp base is defined as the base or foundation of a lamp's body. Typically, the base of a floor lamp will be heavier and more difficult to move than that of a table lamp.

How do I know what base my lamp has?
There are a lot of different styles that lamp bases can have. Most are crafted from cast brass, but there are also bases made of marble and wood. You can identify the type of base your lamp has by looking at the material it's made from, its size, and its shape.

What makes a good lamp base?
A good lamp base is sturdy and even. After all, it has to support the rest of the lamp's body. Cast brass lamp bases tend to last longer, so we recommend choosing a base made out of this long-lasting material.