Ceiling Canopies And Back Plates

If you're searching for the perfect ceiling canopy, ceiling plate, canopy kit, or back plate, look no further. Our selection includes a variety of styles and sizes for your overhead and wall-mounted light fixtures.

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Each decorative ceiling canopy that we offer is high quality, perfect for restoring a classy chandelier or fixture. We offer many different shapes, sizes, and finishes, and these products are available with or without mounting hardware. Some decorative shapes available include square and oval fixtures, as well as elongated, conical designs.

We offer decorative designs that reflect many different historical periods and styles. These include early American, Victorian, mission style, and arts and crafts styles, among others. These pieces would complement any restoration project of the same style. Most of these products are crafted from brass, but nickel-plated and other finishes are also available.

Ceiling canopy kits include everything you need to mount your fixture, including mounting hardware and hanging supplies. These kits are available in several different styles, shapes, and finishes. While brass is the standard material for these products, nickel-plated and black finished steel varieties can be purchased.

We offer more contemporary kits in addition to those based on antique designs. These re-cast pieces in particular are well-suited for antique chandeliers and fixtures. Kits include schoolhouse fixtures and wired fixture holders, as well. Every kit is durable and designed to last for years to come, whether it is new or replacing an antique fixture.

Back plates provide an attractive backdrop for your wall-mounted light fixtures, such as sconces. These plates come in distinctive styles with features such as stamping and embossing. Brass, nickel-plated, and steel styles are available. Many of these plates include reproduced antique styles, meaning they will work well with antique and vintage fixtures.

Many of our most unique back plates are die cast reproductions of authentic antique styles. Victorian, colonial, arts and crafts, and other ornate styles are available for use with coordinating light fixtures. Most of these are available in unfinished or polished and lacquered brass. From simple to fancy, these back plates will look great when mounted with a vintage or antique lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ceiling canopy?
A ceiling canopy is a dome-like fixture that holds a light and covers the electrical box on the ceiling. They’re most commonly used to hang chandeliers, though they can also be used for modern light fixtures. Though ceiling canopies typically have a similar shape to one another, they can also have differences in materials and embellishments depending on the owner’s preference.

What is a ceiling medallion canopy?
A ceiling medallion canopy is a decorative element that surrounds the regular ceiling canopy. They can be quite large or quite small, depending on the homeowner’s preference. They add an extra layer of sophistication and elegance to an already elegant light fixture.

What do you call lights that hang from the ceiling?
There are a few different types of lights that hang from the ceiling: pendant lights, track lights, island lights, and chandeliers. Both pendant lights and chandeliers hang low, but pendant lights are often much simpler in design than chandeliers, which are crafted to attract a lot of attention. Track lights are a very modern fixture, and island lights are so-named because they typically hang over the island in your kitchen.