Ceiling Canopy Kits

If you're unsure of the appropriate mounting hardware for your chandelier, our selection of ceiling canopy kits will take out the guesswork. These kits include everything you will need to mount your chandelier or other overhead fixture, including hardware and chains. These sets eliminate any struggle involved with hanging your fixtures.

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Ceiling canopy kits are available in a number of distinct styles, and they feature many different finishes, shapes, and designs. Many of these products are modeled after antique and vintage pieces, offering you a sturdy and attractive reproduction item. Antique-style ceiling canopy kits are perfect for use with authentic antiques or your favorite modern reproduction.

Most of our ceiling canopy kits include the canopy itself, a chain for hanging chandeliers, and all the hardware necessary for mounting. Finishes available range from nickel-plated brass to black-finished steel. Each finish will complement a coordinating fixture nicely. Many of our antique reproduction styles are rather ornate, but we also offer more contemporary products with simpler designs.

Bead chain fixture hardware sets are designed to hold any three-hold glass shade. These sets include everything but the glass shade itself, making it a perfect kit for those who have a glass shade that is not currently in use. This set is available in steel, polished and lacquered steel, and nickel styles. The center-post fixture hardware set is very similar, but designed for use with glass shades that have a center hole.

Wired fixture holders include a porcelain socket for a bulb, and they can be used with appropriately sized shades. These holders come in antique, polished brass, and nickel finishes. Schoolhouse fixtures are similar, with a canopy and shade holder included. These fixtures have a classic style that is available with or without wires, and comes in polished brass or nickel finishes.

Our holder set for 3 ΒΌ fitter shades includes necessary hardware and wiring for mounting a fitter shade of the appropriate size. Available in lacquered and polished brass or antique brass, this set also includes a matching gold lamp cord. This set is perfect for replacing old hardware or hanging your favorite fitter shade.