Lamp Clusters and Cluster Bodies

One part that is vital to proper fixture construction is the lamp cluster. If you're familiar with do-it-yourself lighting assembly, you know this piece is important and can make or break your design. If you're new to lighting fixtures or just need a replacement, our company has a wide selection of lamp cluster bodies to get your fixture back on track.

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Set Descending Direction

For those of you who would rather not worry about so many pieces, we offer lamp cluster designs with sockets as well. One less step for you to worry about means getting to your finished product faster.

Available in a number of shapes, sizes, and finishes, finding the right part is easy. We just need to know the number of lights the fixture will need, the preferred direction of the lights (pointing up, down, to the side, etc.), and the color of the fixture. With this information, we can slim down the search to a few possibilities to make the selection process much less intimidating.

If you need a classic look, we recommend brass because it has a timeless shine that will fit in with most antique designs. Our brass parts come in polished, unfinished, and antique finishes depending on how bright or muted you prefer the color to be.

For new-age and modern designs, we have finishes available in bronze (brown with a nice shine) and nickel plated (silver in color). These colors are more suited to fixtures that require neutral tones for a modern design scheme.

We are proud to provide their wide array of lamp cluster styles and lamp cluster bodies to consumers who need replacements and do-it-yourselfers looking for great quality parts. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will do everything we can to make sure you find the right part for your lighting fixture as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Take a few steps to finally fixing that broken lighting fixture or start making one of your own today. Come by the store or shop on our website to see all the parts we have for you. It's never too late to fix an antique, so let's get started.