Lamp Crossbars and Lamp Hickeys

When it comes to beauty and safety, Antique Lamp Supply can help you achieve both. Having the right equipment and fixtures for your lighting needs is a must ensuring that your gorgeous antiques or replicas remain stable, fixed and secure for years of enjoyment and ease of mind.

Choosing the right sizing and installation method is as important to you as it is to us—picking the right equipment for a dazzling luminaire can be as easy as taking a look at our considerable selection.

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Our crossbars and hickeys adhere to municipal electrical standards and can help you securely hang almost any of your stunning lights. We specialize in both heavy-duty and regular, every-day applications of lighting fixtures that require crossbars and hickeys. Beautiful pendant lights or stunning antique chandeliers can weigh upwards of dozens of pounds, and the motion of a ceiling fan can rapidly strain inadequate ceiling support. The right crossbar and hickey choice can prevent damage to your ceiling and keep your enchanting fixtures solidly safe.

Hanging pendant lights should always use a metal mounting strap—or crossbar—anchored to your electrical box. A solid hickey mount on a stud in your ceiling serves as a fantastic socket reducer to hang lights in your centuries-old home that may not have any modern outlets for lighting. Not to mention, a hickey will allow you to make a transition with two different sizes of openings and the holes will allow you a channel to route any of your favorite chandelier wires for connection.

Our crossbars and hickeys can stand up to nearly every type of lighting you choose, whether it's heavy-duty or regular home lighting. Our easy-to-use high-quality steel cables for pendant light hanging kits and pendant lighting hanging kits are guaranteed safe and strong.

We have so many sizes and choices to fit nearly every lighting imaginable! Click on our crossbars and hickey product photos for complete information, sizes, and pricing to help hang your beautiful lights with peace of mind and expertise!