Lamp Arms, Arm Backs, & Husks

When it comes to items handed down through the family, there is usually a large sentimental value to them, and you can't bear to be the one who let it go to ruin. If you own an antique light, chances are you don't let it out much, and you probably forbid the kids to play in the room that houses it. What would you do if it broke? They don't make those anymore, do they? Where would even look to get a replacement part?

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Spare lighting parts are not easy to find, especially when it comes to lamp arms. They just aren't one of those items commonly sold in the big box stores. Well, finding a replacement for that ornate Victorian lamp arm is not as hard as it may seem; just don't waste your time with a trip to the shopping mall. Though an excursion to the mall might sound like fun, you already know that not a single store will have what you need. See what we have to offer instead. We have many standard and unique lamp arms to choose from. Our selection includes brass and cast iron finishes ranging from simple bent, curved, and flexible arms to much more intricate designs.

That's right; our store has many replacement parts specific to certain period pieces as well as modern fixtures. Just browsing our selection is enough to make you want to stock up on extras for all of your lighting needs. We wouldn't blame you; accidents happen, and it's nice to be prepared when you can.

Next time it's raining, and the kids want to play a nice quiet game of hide and go seek, you can rest assured that even if it turns into a rousing game of tag and great grandma's antique gets in the way, there is a proper replacement just a click away at Antique Lamp Supply. Let us show you how quick and painless restoring a family heirloom should be. With over 60 years in the business, we've certainly fixed quite a few lighting fixtures and are happy to help you get your heirloom up and running again in no time.