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Each lamp chain from Antique Lamp Supply is unique. We offer many different styles, from light and contemporary “swag chains” to heavy, decorative chandelier chains that are modeled after authentic antique chain. Many of these so-called re-cast lamp chains are beautiful and serve not only for lighting fixtures but also for residential and commercial interior decoration. ***Please click on the product photos for complete information & pricing

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Our selection of chandelier chains also includes many different colors and materials. Many of these products are crafted from brass, but steel is also available. Our selection of brass products includes many different finishes, including antique, nickel-plated, and polished, lacquered brass.

Steel products include unfinished, nickel-plated, black, and other finishes. Additionally, we offer several hand-made products. For those less adventurous customers, most of our chains include simple, oval links. These products will give your hanging fixture a clean and classic look.

For those searching for a more unique product, many of our chains include unique shapes, from geometrics to ornate florals. Many of these are modeled after distinct antique styles, while others are more contemporary originals. Rectangular links are available in several different sizes, styles, and finishes. This shape is less common than normal oval links, but it still offers a subdued look.

Our arts and crafts style products are also relatively simple, making them a perfect match for the clean lines of an arts and crafts light fixture.

More ornate light fixtures would work well with a classical style product. These chains include ornate flourishes, often including leaves, flowers, and other attractive details. These unique products are often architectural and intriguing, perfect for a well-matched chandelier.

We offer many other detailed, decorative chandelier chains, many of which are large and can bear heavier loads. More contemporary fixtures might require a lighter support, and swag chains are perfect for these fixtures.

While they are not highly detailed, these products are supportive and feature attractive finishes. Their lightweight style offers a certain minimalism that works well with contemporary designs.

Each of these products is durable and made to support the weight of your chandelier or other fixture. Decorative designs are great for adding interest, while simpler designs can be equally alluring when paired with the right fixture.

Whatever your specific needs, we have a product that will work with your project.