Nuts, Washers, Check Rings, Vase Caps

Making a lamp is one thing, making a lamp that looks good is another. We carry all the lamp hardware and lamp parts not just to get the job done, but get it right. In our selection of hardware for connecting and securing main lamp components, you will find many styles, applications, and finishes that are available. Get the best fit for your lamp and ensure it looks and works perfectly every day, so you can finish your restoration and enjoy your beautiful lamp for years to come!

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We provide only the highest quality lamp hardware, so you know you are getting durable and reliable materials to perfect your lamp with. With nuts, washers, seating rings, caps, and more, we have every part you need to finish your project with ease. Secure your lamp with our quality parts and ensure you will not need to make repairs and replacements again. Once you have finished your restoration, you can take your mind off the hardware!

Having the right look is almost as important as having the reliability you need. We have everything from black and white to bronze, steel, nickel, and more, so you can find a color and finish that matches perfectly. Whatever style and design you are using, we have the hardware to match. Getting the right fit for your style will ensure your hardware does not look out of place, and fits seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your lamp. Take time to get the look you want, so you can appreciate the beauty even more!

If you need more information about each part, click on the product photos to be taken to the individual pages for each item. There, you will find a detailed description of every part so that you can find the perfect solution for your needs. If you still have questions or need help with your order, feel free to contact us. We will work hard to ensure you get what you need as quickly as easily as possible!