Brass and Nickel Lamp Shade Holders

When a bulb flickers and goes out, you know it's time to change it. Basic lighting maintenance is supposed to be easy, but something as simple as changing a light bulb can be frustrating if you have a lamp shade holder that isn't doing its job correctly. The last thing you want is an old or faulty product that could cause damage to your lighting fixture. If you are not sure which shade holder is best for your shade(s), be sure to click on the "How To" tutorial: How To Choose a Replacement Glass Lampshade for advice on understanding shade holder fitter sizes and applications.

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To keep that beautiful glass light cover safe, make sure to find the correct replacement lamp shade holder. There are two possible kinds: fixture type and straight-type. Fixture-type support is most commonly found on hanging light fixtures. This style has a lip to ensure a good fit. A straight type lamp shade holder does not need a lip because they are commonly used for upright units. There are a number of products to choose from on the market, and we offer a large selection. Since lighting fixtures come in many shapes and sizes, holders are made to accommodate these differences. Our designs come in brass, nickel, and steel of varying finishes.

Each lighting design requires specific parts to ensure a perfect fit. We carry many models including Bell, socket cup, reeded, clamp on, and screw on. Our extensive selection is sure to have the lamp shade holder made for your model. See them in action at our store or search our inventory online.

All parts available at our store are made with the finest materials and are guaranteed to function flawlessly. We stand by this guarantee and promise to attend the needs of any customer who finds any replacement parts less than acceptable. We have been serving the McMinnville community for over 60 years, and we are proud to serve any consumer in need of spare parts. Visit our website to browse products and find what you need. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have about your lighting fixtures. Thanks to our superb customer service, one shopping experience with us will have you coming back for all of your lighting replacement parts needs.