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Lighting fixtures are a big part of any room's decoration and theme. Table lamps and chandeliers can provide a lot more than light. These decorative pieces are often chosen based upon their appearance. They can catch the eye of anyone who walks into the room and they add a bit of classic and old-world taste to any room of your home. However, when it comes to older lighting fixtures, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find lamp parts and get quality repairs.

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We understand this issue and specialize in providing quality lighting parts and repairs. Standard furniture stores and hardware stores are often lacking in terms of rare and hard to find parts for older lamps. We seek to provide a high level of quality that makes us a top choice when it comes to needs of this kind.

Now you can display your cherished lighting fixtures without worry, as any lamp part you need can be found in our impressive collection. Decades of networking with antique dealers has enabled us to acquire an impressive inventory including plates, chains, tubes, columns, bases, connectors, bases, and more.

Our specialty in the area of contemporary and antique light parts may give us a distinct position in the industry, but we still strive to provide customers with unmatched value. In addition to a guaranteed level of quality on every item in our inventory, we also offer free shipping on orders over $30. We believe that a diverse inventory of hard to find components is only part of the package; excellent customer service is also a core value of our organization.

Whether your fixtures are suffering from missing screws, warped bars, or worn electrical components, they can be repaired, reworked, and restored in order to return them to working order. Scratched or damaged pieces can also be replaced in order to make antique pieces retain their classic appearance without looking worn or aged.

Do not settle for a malfunctioning or damaged light fixture. Our high-quality parts can help make any piece look better and operate more efficiently. Stop by and browse our impressive array of components and pieces in order to give your antique or contemporary piece new life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of a lamp called?

The parts of an antique lamp and electrical lamp are called:

  • Base – The base of a lamp is usually the most visible, providing a stable foundation for floor and table lamps.
  • Burner – The burner of a kerosene lamp or oil lamp is the metal collar that holds the wick.
  • Chimney – Chimney's are the glass cylinders positioned over the wick of an oil lamp or candlestick to encircle and provide a draft for the flame.
  • Cord – This is the electrical cord that is found in portable table lamps, floor lamps, hanging fixtures, and sconces.
  • Harp – A lamp harp is a component that mounts below the lamp socket and supports the lampshade. For table lamps with shades, regular weight harps are used.
  • Pipe - Lamp pipes are hollow on the inside and threaded on both ends. A pipe comes with male and female ends.
  • Shade – Most antique lamps feature a lampshade made of fabric or glass.

Shade holder – Shade holders are commonly available in two styles: ring or tripod, and they hold the lampshade in place.

  • Socket – A light socket or lightbulb socket is a device that mechanically supports and provides electrical connections for a compatible electric lamp.
  • Wick – A wick is a bundle of fibers, either loosely twisted or braided cord, tape, or tube, which draws up a steady supply of oil used in oil lamps by capillary attraction.
What is the thing that holds the lampshade?

The device that holds a lampshade is called a finial. Finials are decorative caps that fit over the shades found at the top of a lamp, securing the shade in place and completing the aesthetics of a lamp.

What is that part of the lamp that holds the bulb called?

The device which holds a bulb is called a socket, or light socket, lamp socket which supports and provides the electrical connections for a compatible electric lamp.