Lamp Sockets, Lamp Cord, Lamp Switches, and Related Electrical Lamp Parts

If you are in need of quality lamp parts when restoring vintage and antique pieces, updating lamp sockets, cords, switches, and other components will help ensure that your project is suitable for use. Older electrical components might be worn, frayed, bent, burned, or otherwise damaged, making them unsafe. We have a wide selection of these components available to ensure that your restoration project is successful.

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Our selection includes several different lamp socket types, each useful for a specific type of project. Available materials for these products include metal, plastic, and porcelain, and several different base types are available in each material. When choosing a base for your project, it's important to ensure that it is compatible with the type of lamp and bulb you want.

In addition to Edison, standard or E26 lamp sockets, we also offer candelabra bases, which are great for use with decorative bulbs in sconces and chandeliers. These are smaller than standard bases, and they are available in several different sizes, materials, and styles. Clusters and cluster sockets are another unique offering, perfect for use on projects that include multiple bulbs. We also have bases for use with halogen bulbs, medium base fixtures, and candle lamps.

After choosing the appropriate size and material for your base, you will also need to choose from our selection of styles, which determine how you will turn your bulb on and off. Styles include keyless, keyed, push-thru, pull chain, dimmer, three-way, and three terminal.

Other products we offer include cords, switches, wall plugs, and electrical parts and accessories. These products are useful for restoration projects, as the hardware on vintage and antique goods is often broken or outdated.

Cords come in a several styles, including twisted cords and cotton-covered cords. These and other cord styles come in any color imaginable, making it easy to find a cord that matches your color scheme. We also offer several switches for turning lamps on and off, including some that attach directly to the cord.

Finally, we carry all the electrical parts and components, both large and small, that you will need to complete your project. From electrical adapters to pull chain parts, our selection of components will ensure that your vintage and antique projects are in working order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a socket on a lamp?

The socket on a lamp, also known as a lightbulb socket, light socket, or lamp holder, is a device that mechanically supports and provides the electrical connection needed for a lightbulb within an electric lamp.

Can you replace the socket on a lamp?

Yes, you can replace the socket on a lamp. It is essential to consider replacing old antique sockets to ensure everything is up to today's safety standards. Additionally, older sockets and new LED bulbs do not work well together and cause safety hazards.

Are all lamp sockets the same?

There are several different variations to lamp sockets depending on the size of the bulb, type of bulb used, and the lamp itself.

The most common lamp sockets most of us will encounter are:

  • The Edison. The most common light bulb sockets you'll experience are marked as E14 or E27, the number representing the diameter in millimeters of a lightbulb thread. The 'E' refers to the socket using the Edison rotary thread, which is screwed into the corresponding fitting.
  • The Bayonet socket. This socket is most usually marked with BThis socket only requires a bulb to be plugged in and rotated 180 degrees.
  • Pin socket. The pin socket is mainly used for fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs.