E12 LAMP SOCKETS, Candelabra Size

Our great selection of lamp sockets includes the handy candelabra socket, designed to be used with decorative, candelabra-style lamps. These lamps include smaller bulbs, and therefore, they require smaller sockets. This type of base is commonly found on decorative fixtures with multiple bulbs like chandeliers or in single or doubles as a wall sconce.

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These smaller, decorative bases are available in both plastic and porcelain. Each of these materials is durable and effective, but they are used in different situations. Plastic is commonly used in fixtures where the base is hidden by the body. Porcelain, on the other hand, can be used in many different situations, as it is heat and weather resistant. This makes it a useful base material for lamps in which the bulb is outside or hangs downward.

Candelabra sockets are also available in several different sizes. Many of them are adjustable, useful for restoration projects in which you're not sure what size to use, or in which you might decide to alter the lamp. Other sizes are not adjustable. Most sizes include a paper insulator.

Many of our candelabra sockets are keyless, meaning they do not include a switch or other method for turning the lamp on. This means these sockets must be used with a switch on the wall or on the cord. These components are also available from our site.

Other varieties in our selection include a "pigtail" base, a keyless base with single leg hickey, a keyless base with spring clips, and a base with a 1/8F slip bracket. Each of these varieties is suitable for use with a different type of lamp. The spring clip and single leg hickey varieties are not for use with decorative candle covers.

Whether you are completely restoring a vintage lamp or simply replacing a single candelabra socket, our selection of bases includes the products that will help you complete your project successfully. All of these bases are UL rated, meaning they comply with Underwriters Laboratories standards for materials and safety. Therefore, you can rest assured that our products are safe when used properly.