Lamp Cluster Sockets, Cluster Heads, Cluster Bodies

Cluster sockets are mainly found in larger lamps with many lightbulb access points. These lamps give off an abundance of light at any given time and although they contain many needs for multiple sockets, they can be purchased as one large fixture instead of individual ones. Almost all of the cluster sockets come in multiple finishes. Since it almost impossible to completely hide such as large part under even the nicest lamp shade, these products come in multiple finishes, including polished and lacquered brass, unfinished brass, antique brass, and nickel plated.

Whatever look you are going for, we are sure to have a product that will suit your needs. As with all lamp repairs, it is extremely important to pay close attention to all of the safety warnings associated with replacing or repairing a cluster socket. The socket is the place where the lighting and wiring is held, so it would be very unfortunate to make a mistake while the light is plugged in or turned on. Such mistakes can lead to electrocution or other potentially fatal accidents. Always unplug your lamp before beginning a project, especially when that project is where the main connectors are housed.

With so many options, you can really pick and choose what is important to you when it comes to features. Some lamp parts offer a pole knob; some have a three-way connector, and some older styles have a pull down chain. It is really up to your personal style and preference as to what you choose. For the options that include three-way connectors, it is important to remember that the three-way feature does not work unless a three-way bulb is installed in the fixture. A standard bulb only has the capacity to turn off and on, not the capacity to have three stages of illumination.

Antique Lamp Supply is happy to have all of your needs under one roof when it comes to repairing and replacing older lighting fixtures. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to our company and we have worked hard to keep you happy for the last 60 years. Thank you for choosing us for all of your lighting and cluster socket needs.