Lamp Making Supplies and Lamp Wiring Kits

Lamp making supplies and lamp wiring kits for swag lamps, table lamps, and custom lighting. Supplies and kits come with the lamp parts necessary for various lighting projects, and also come with instructions for safe and easy installation.

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We also have flange lamp kits for solid surfaces like a block of wood, and kits that allow you to re-purpose wine and liquor bottles, mason fruit jars and other household cast-offs into functional lamps and lighting fixtures.

At Antique Lamp Supply, we know lighting and lamp parts. That is why we have compiled these kits to make your life a little easier. These make-a-lamp kits have all the pipes, washers, and nuts needed to complete the task.

If you need to fix up that vintage lamp with new wiring and socket, these build-a-lamp kits come in all the finished you need to match your lamp. From brass, antique brass, and nickel, we are sure to have a match for you.