DIY Lamp Making Kits

With nearly half a century's worth of knowledge in the antique lamps and supply industry, we know our customers have diverse needs and want to express themselves with the freedom of not having to worry about quality reproductions or parts. When it comes to lamp making supplies or lamp making kits, Antique Lamp Supply can cater to just about anything a customer may need for their kits and supplies.

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Have you ever thought about making your very own, unique lamp but don't know where to start? Using one of our DIY lamp kits is the perfect place to begin. Designer lamps are exclusive and beautiful, but they can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. With our make-a-lamp kits, you can make the same enchanting lamp, in your own style, with the exact same high-quality products at a fraction of the cost.

Customization or matching the décor and lamps you already have is important. So is having the right parts and pieces for those thrilling moments in antique shopping and thrifting when you spot the perfect antique you've been searching for. Sometimes, however, antiques come in various stages of disrepair, or worse, missing parts. And when customizing, sometimes a lampshade looks far better with a certain kind of harp than another.

Our DIY lamp kits can help you perfectly match repairing your favorite lamp or creating your own lamp, right down to every individual component, to match your décor needs. Swag lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps and more can all be built from our expertly made lamp kits. Kits arrived with all lamp parts needed for a huge assortment of custom lighting, and they all come with detailed instructions to ensure a safe and easy installation of your new custom lamp or replacement for your beloved lamp.

For in-depth information and further details, click on any product photo in our gallery and be well on your way to building a flawless lamp for your home!