Halogen and Fluorescent Lamp Sockets, Lamp Holders, and Light Bulbs

Whether you’re repairing or building an item, you may need to invest in halogen lamp sockets with pre-installed leads or a regular light socket for better flexibility on your installation. Retrofit, repairs, new installations—all of these projects can necessitate a brand new light socket.

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Regardless of the type of halogen lamp sockets you need, can accommodate your requirements. From free standing fixtures to downlights, we have options in stock to suit the needs of your project. Even if you’re not sure what you are looking for, our staff are ready to assist. We have decades of experience and are more than happy to walk you through finding the right item for your application.

Not sure what we’re talking about? The gas in a bulb usually works at a higher pressure—the glass bulb is typically made of high-silica glass, aluminosilicate, or fused quartz. It is a stronger variety of bulb than the standard glass type you are used to, as it needs to contain the high pressure within. This kind of lamp has been an industry standard for film and television, owing to its high lumen output and compact size. Increased efficiency varieties that comprise 30+ lumens per watt are starting to take the market by storm. The advantages of this kind of lamp are numerous; they’re smaller, dainty, and light weight, and are cost-effective to produce. They also do not use potentially harmful chemicals, unlike mercury vapor types and CFLs. What’s more, they offer better color temperature than a standard tungsten and are closer to the sunshine than are the more orange hues available from older varieties. These products also offer longer lifespans that a conventional incandescent and are instantly bright when turned on – no warm up time required.

Our range includes double ended, bi-pin, wire terminal connectors, quartz varieties, and bulbs. Please take a look at our stock and place an order when you are ready. We offer free shipping on qualifying orders and aim to have your items at your door within 3-7 working days. We look forward to serving you.