Lamp Cord Plugs & Small Appliance Electrical Cord Plugs

Most old lamps had neat ornate lamp plugs with embossed designs. Due to age some of the plastic has become brittle and weak. The old plugs were also not polarized. We are proud to offer some great reproduction style lamp plugs to match older styles but have the safety of polarity.

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Our reproduction lamp plugs include acorn style, ribbed style and come in black or brown. We also have some heavy bakelite plugs and attachment plugs.

Other plugs in this section include easy install snap on or slide on plugs. They come in a variety of standard colors to match the lamp and cord. Easy to use and install; these plugs only need a few moments to be placed on a lamp.

Being the complete lamp parts dealer, we also offer convenience outlets for lamps. These are regularly seen in hospitality lamp, but with everyone needing a devise charged, convenience outlets on lamps are easy to reach and convenient.