Light and Lamp Sockets

Your lamp socket is supposed to be long-lasting, solid, rust-free, and safe. Light and lamp sockets should be one of the hardiest parts of your lamps or lights, but damage can happen. Human error in screwing a bulb too tightly and outdoor sockets often battle wind, weather and more, resulting in deterioration you may not see at first.

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When customizing your own lamps or restoring a beloved antique or antique replica lamp, matching the lamp socket is just as an important detail as preventing wear and tear.

Contacts inside a light socket can bend and break, and sockets that aren't performing well may be discolored. In antique lamps, occasionally the original lamp socket has now become obsolete. Safety standards over the years have changed, and LED bulbs in an obsolete light socket simply cannot perform well leading to quicker burnouts and losing money changing bulbs frequently.

Lamp sockets with green copper oxide aren't as conductive—causing performance issues or worse, a safety haphazard. Improper fitting and a loose fit can lead to heat from poor conductivity as well, insulation and correct light sockets can fix and prevent this.

With over 40 years of expertise in antique replica lighting, replacements, and parts, Antique Lamp Supply can offer you an immense selection of functional as well as stunningly gorgeous light or lamp sockets to keep your beautiful lights up to date on safety standards without compromising your favorite look.

Our vast categories contain lamp sockets, lamp holders, and light sockets for almost all indoor (and even some outdoor) lighting needs. All lamp sockets are classified broadly by size such as medium base, also known as E-26, and application from candle-style, fixture, and bulb types. An easy search of our categories will get you to the exact lamp socket that will not only fit what you need but do so with the utmost care for safety and style of all your projects.

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