Medium Base (E26) Fixture Sockets, Candle Lamp Sockets, & Cluster Sockets

An important thing to remember when doing work to any electrical appliance is that it can be dangerous. We see the warnings on lightbulbs to use the correct wattage every day. Well, the same rings true for other products such as medium base sockets and other similar items. Check out our tutorial How to select the correct socket for your lamp.

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Unplugging before you attempt to replace, repair or remove the medium base socket is essential in your safety. This is where the electrical connection is housed so it is just that much more important to take safety warnings seriously. Switching the lamp to the off position is not an adequate safety measure and can still lead to electrical shock.

Antique Lamp Supply is pleased to offer many different types of medium base sockets. Turn knob, bottom turn knob and keyless are just a few of the styles that we carry. Additionally, a three-turn knob options is available in some options. It is important to keep in mind that a three turn knob will only work with a three way bulb. Single turn bulbs will only turn on and off, regardless of the type of socket installed.

We also offer a few different brands. While most products are almost identical between different brands, we realize some customers are more comfortable or have more loyalty toward a certain brand and we are happy to carry multiple options for our beloved clients.

Antique Lamp Supply has been serving its customers for more than 60 years now. Rooted in customer satisfaction, we work hard to get you the parts that you need at prices you can afford. With exceptional detail to style and function, we are certain we have everything you need for your lighting repairs and restoration.

Let us help you make your lighting repairs and restorations a reality and get your home back to being well-lit and emulating your unique style.