E26 and GU-24 Black Plastic LAMP and FIXTURE SOCKETS, Socket Parts and Adapters

For the best lighting options with the most style and number of choices, visit Antique Lamp Supply. Here you can find quality products, such as plastic lamp sockets that are perfect for every repair and replacement project you decide to tackle. Check out our tutorial How to select the correct socket for your lamp

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Choosing the right plastic lamp socket for you is important. Deciding on the type of part you choose to turn on your light is an essential feature of which product you use. We are proud to offer turn knobs, pull chains and bottom turn knobs. For the turn knob options, you can also choose between a one-way switch and a three-way option.

While the three-way option gives you the possibility for more light as it gets brighter depending on which setting you have it turned to, it is important to remember that you must use a three-way bulb in your light. A standard lightbulb will still turn on and off, but only the three-way bulb gives you the three different lighting options.

As with any electrical project, it is important to properly follow all electrical guidelines when repairing and replacing products, especially when working with the plastic lamp socket. This is the casing where all of the wiring is contained. It is where the light gets its power. Unplugging the light from the wall is essential before doing any work on this part.

Do not let your broken light sit on the table any longer. Replacing the power point is an easy and cost-effective way to restore your broken lights or to update your old and outdated products.

Serving the community and now the internet for more than 60 years, we are happy to bring you the best in lighting replacement products. No restoration project is too big or too small for our parts to handle.

Our customers are extremely important and we strive to satisfy every guest all the time. Do not delay; order your replacement lighting products today.