Edison or Standard Size Bulbs

All standard bulbs in this section have an Edison (medium) size base. These bulbs are the most common for table lamps, floor lamps, and flush mount ceiling fixture.

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The most common design by far, Edison light bulbs are a common match for light fixtures around the world. Based on the pioneer of electrical lighting, they are the standard for many different lamps and, therefore, the need for this style of bulb is vast. We have a large selection of options with a medium Edison base to guarantee you can find the right match for your floor or table lamp or ceiling fixture.

Not only are Edison light bulbs a simple necessity to get the illumination you want out of your light fixture, but they are also a great opportunity to add some discreet style to your lamp. There are many different bulb designs that will help you create a brand new look for your fixture in just a few minutes. Flame bulbs are a very popular design, mimicking the beautiful look of a natural fire in your home. We also have tubular designs, as well as traditional globes, and tipped options. Find a variety of colors from clear to white to amber and more, providing a different look to your entire space instantly.

All of our Edison light bulbs follow a standard base size and are sure to fit any light fixture you have that uses this extremely popular style. This means that you are free to choose whatever look you want to match the look of your light fixture and add to the decor of your room. Whether you are looking at restoring an antique table lamp or a contemporary ceiling mounted fixture, our selection of hardware will ensure you always have the bulbs to get the job done.

Enjoy high quality and long lasting life with our bulbs. We are proud to provide the best equipment available to help people everywhere enjoy their beautiful antique lamps to the fullest. If you need more information or want help finding the right match for your needs, feel free to contact us. We will make sure you get the right fit in no time!