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Take the elegance of your light fixtures to new heights by using antique bulbs. The light bulb has come a long way since its invention, but when you’re using vintage fixtures, the ones in today’s hardware stores just don’t complement old-world style the way an antique style light bulb will.

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We sell replicas of the carbon filament light bulbs based on Thomas Edison’s. Why are they different? Besides the visual appeal of the fiery glow of the filament inside, they will take your antique fixtures from functional to the attention-stealing centerpiece. Our selection of antique style bulbs comes in many different shapes, and feature filaments in a variety of intriguing designs, like the diamond-shaped design of the Vintage Style Torpedo Bulb or the hairpin filament of the Edison Base, T9 Bulb. There are also 1890 and 1893 style bulbs with filaments that glow white. Stock up on several different picks, and change them occasionally to make your fixtures even more attractive. These were designed for vintages pieces from 1880 to 1930 because they provide the exposure necessary to make the details of these bulbs stand out. You can find the antique lighting fixtures that these bulbs work with right here at Antique Lamp Supply. They will still look great with other lamps too.

Don’t need an antique light bulb? We also carry candelabra-base bulbs for use in small lamps, lanterns, sconces, and chandeliers. They come in torpedo, puntino, flame twist, and night lite shapes. Our collection has Edison or standard size bulbs, too. These have a medium-sized base and are used in floor lamps, table lamps, and flush mount ceiling fixtures. You can even find floodlights and halogens in our online store. We also have the specialty bulbs that can be hard to find elsewhere. Our selection includes decorative options with distinctive flame tips and mirrored top bulbs.

Choose Antique Lamp Supply for your illumination needs and give your lighting fixtures a whole new look.