Modern Style On-Off Turn Knob Lamp Socket With Nickel Plated Finish and Threaded shell with ring

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  • Modern Style, Screw-Together, Lamp Socket with a regular On-Off interior
  • Medium base (E26), sometimes referred to as Edison or standard base
  • Designed to fit your typical sized household light bulbs
  • The bottom cap is tapped 1/8 IP, which measures 3/8" diameter
  • The bottom cap also has a set screw for a more secure fit
  • Rated 250W-250V (60 watt max if being used as a pendant)
  • U.L. and CSA Listed
  • Comes with threaded shell and a ring
  • Will fit a neckless pendant using two rings

For a replacement or additional ring in a nickel plated finish, check out our item #40297N.

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Brand B&P Lamp Supply


Caution: Electrical Hazard!

Important! You must remember that before you attempt to fit, replace, or remove any of the parts on an electric lamp or fixture you must always disconnect or unplug the lamp or fixture from any source of electricity before you begin. Simply turning the lamp "off" will not protect you from an electrical shock.

If you are not sure how to safely disconnect your lamp or fixture from its electrical source, you should contact a licensed electrician or your local power company for further instructions.

Med. Base (E-26) Modern Style Screw-Together On/Off Turn Knob Lamp Socket with Nickel Plated finish and threaded shell with detachable ring. Unique styling and die cast aluminum shell & cap (w/set screw) make these sockets sturdy, economical, & dependable! 60 watt maximum in pendant application. With 1/8 IPS Cap, 250W-250V. Will fit Neckless Pendant Glass using two rings.

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