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Dietz Lanterns and Parts

Since 1840, the Dietz® Company has been making superior utility-type lanterns for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Each style of Dietz lantern was developed with a specific application in mind. For instance, the Dietz® model #1 Little Wizard, while an excellent all-around performer, is, due to its large capacity tank, particularly well suited for emergency lighting, camping, or anytime when a steady, medium-bright light may be required for long periods of time. The Dietz® model #20 Junior, however, is best in any situation where light weight and portability is an issue. On the other hand, models #8 Air Pilot & #80 Blizzard lanterns, with their 12 candlepower oil burners, really shine when a maximum amount of light is needed, such as late night trips to the barn, or when signaling to indicate danger. All Dietz lanterns burn brightest with kerosene fuel but also work just fine on readily available clear lamp oil. All Dietz® lanterns come with a complete set of instructions. Our Dietz® brand replacement globes are heat-treated and designed for long lasting service.

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