Kerosene and Oil Lamp Burners

Oil lamp burners seem to be a simple mechanism: hold the wick and turn a knob to adjust the wick. There is a lot more going on inside that burner that simple wick adjustment. It is a controlled slow burn of the wick. Burners must be designed to control the airflow to the wick for maximum burn of the kerosene. Too much will result in smokey chimneys and ashy wicks; too little air and there will not be enough light. A good burners finds the right balance and holds that stance for hundreds or thousands of hours.

As a complete oil lamp parts manufacturer, we offer oil lamp burners in many different styles and materials. We carry #0, #1, #2, and #3 kerosene burners. We also offer some European style duplex and central draft burners. We also carry all the wicks to keep those burners working in top shape. Our best quality burners are made from solid brass and will never rust. We also carry brass plated burners for more economical applications. All of our burners have a fine threaded base to fit antique and vintage oil lamps.

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If the thought of kerosene and an open flame seem too much, we offer every style burner in an electric option. From Queen Ann to Aladdin, we have converted the oil burner to electric for safe and reliable electricity. The electric burners will fit exactly on the antique lamp without any modification to the lamp. Simply unscrew the old oil burner, clean the lamp from any kerosene residue and place the electric burner on the collar.