Kerosene Oil Lamp Fonts

When you relax after a hard day of work and read your favorite book or magazine, do you prefer artificial light or the soft hum from a fuel-burning fixture? If you are lucky enough to have such a lighting fixture in your home, you know that they are valuable and, unfortunately, breakable.

What would you do if it broke? Where in the world could you find replacement antique oil lamp fonts? Lucky for you, Antique Lamp Supply has a large selection of oil lamp fonts to choose from. Both the Princess Feather and Prince Edward font styles are tall, most between 9 and 12 inches high and are available in many colors. These designs are popular because of their regal appearance, easily making them a focal point in any room. Other designs include bullseye, sweetheart, vertique, diamond quilted, and bracket. The biggest difference among these styles is artistic design and texture. The color options are also varied depending on which font you choose.

As with any lighting fixture that requires fuel, you will want to make sure you have a properly functioning burner and chimney to go with it. The burner is the part that holds the wick and the chimney is what keeps the flame protected while still allowing you to enjoy its light. Our friendly staff is happy to make sure you have the right antique oil lamp fonts and any other parts you might need for a safely operating light. With over 60 years of providing lighting supplies and solutions, we know pretty much all there is to know about the business. We take pride in our personalized service and unrivaled customer care. We have been happy to serve the Tennessee community and are lucky to be able to assist consumers around the country with their part replacements.

The next time you need replacement oil lamp fonts, do your shopping with us and see what you've been missing when it comes to complete customer service. Our assistance and expertise with lighting fixtures are just a phone call or click away.