Glass Lamp Chimneys, Hurricane and Colonial Shades, Globes

Each oil lamp chimney in our selection will work for a particular type of project whether it is a kerosene lamp, a hanging fixture, or a miniature burner. Many of these products are made by Royal Craft, a brand that is synonymous with long-lasting beauty and well-crafted products. You can rest assured that your new glass chimney is made to last for years to come.

The majority of these styles are available in clear glass, but several styles include frosting, colors, or embossing. One such product from Royal Craft even includes the phrase "Home Sweet Home" and a beaded top. These unique variations will make your vintage restoration project stand out when it is completed.

Embossed styles include Royal Craft's Princess Feather design, as well as several other patterns. Rose patterns and designs that mimic the flow of fabric draperies are also available from Royal Craft. Some of these embossed styles also include colors, and others include a combination of frosted and clear glass. Each product is uniquely styled.

Whether you are restoring a Japanese burner, a pixie burner, an elbow, or a name-brand product such as an Aladdin burner, you will find the right oil lamp chimney at Antique Lamp Supply. We also offer these products for duplex burners, Rayo central draft burners, and many other name brands and unique styles. Many products made for name-brand burners will also work on imitators of the same size.

We also carry replacement globes for Dietz brand products. These globes are idea replacement parts for Dietz's signature lanterns. They will allow these unique lanterns to continue illuminating your space. The Dietz logo is etched on these globes, giving you peace of mind regarding their authenticity. These globes will also word on many lanterns of other brands that have imitated the classic Dietz style.

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Here you can find the glass chimney you need to repair or refresh your vintage and antique restoration projects. This can easily help you make your project more functional and more beautiful. Our selection includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, in addition to several different colors.