Kerosene Oil Lamp Wicks

Find the best selection of kerosene oil lamp wicks when you shop with us. We have the parts you need to restore and repair your antique to perfect condition and make it shine beautifully every day. Having a great looking lamp is just one part of the job, making it fully functional will ensure you get the best experience possible out of your antique. With our wicks, you can find the right match for your lamp to ensure it will perform admirably.

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Possibly, oil lamp wicks are the most important component of a kerosene burner. If the wick doesn't do its job of properly absorbing and transporting fuel to the top of the kerosene burner for combustion, there is little chance that the burner or oil lamp can fully reach it's potential for providing useful illumination. Antique Lamp Supply offers an excellent selection of high-quality lamp wicks that are guaranteed to fit and function in your kerosene oil lamp.

All of our oil lamp wicks (except for #29916 which is a special size for an imported burner) are made in the USA of thick double sewn cotton fiber. They are intended as replacement lamp wicks for old and new kerosene burners and should function flawlessly. We know how important it is for you to restore your antique to perfect working condition, which is why we provide only the best wicks available. Find the right size and style for your lamp and ensure you have a proper match. This will help you get the best results so you can enjoy your lamp every day without worry.

For advice on selecting the correct wick size click on our "How To" link below the full product descriptions. If you still have questions or need help with your order, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to assist you in getting the parts you need to make your lamp the best it can be!