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Antique collectors and lamp enthusiasts often love the look of antique oil lamps but avoid lighting them due to the risk of fire. Luckily, our selection of lamps, parts, and adapters will allow you to convert your prized antique oil lamp into a functional source of light.

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Electric light sources pose less of a fire hazard, but if you would prefer to safely use kerosene, we also have a selection of fonts, wicks, and other accessories.

Parts and accessories we offer include everything you might need to restore antique oil lamps. This includes burners, wicks, fonts, and oil tanks, which all ensure that your project is functional. Glass fonts, fancy chimneys, shade holders, and hanging hardware ensure that your project looks great.

We also offer miniature parts, collars, caps, and parts made specifically for use with Aladdin brand products. In addition to Aladdin brand parts, we also offer burners, chimneys, mantles, and shades. If you are restoring an Aladdin brand antique oil lamp, look no further.

Our selection includes everything you might need to restore one of these lamps to beautiful working order. Whether it’s a large, visible part, like a chimney or shade, or a small internal piece, you can find the Aladdin supplies you need.

Our selection of fonts and chimneys will allow you to create a beautiful restoration project. While fonts are an important functional part, they can also be eye-catching and beautiful, made from colorful and intricate glass. Chimneys are often less colorful, but they are essential and come in a variety of beautiful shapes. Miniature fonts and chimneys are also available.

If you would prefer to convert from kerosene to electric, we offer a variety of adapters and burners. We even offer reproduction antique electric burners that will make your project look more authentic. Our adapters can be used to electrify other objects as well, such as Mason jars or glass bottles.

Finally, we also carry a number of complete kerosene lamps. These are great for those who love this antique style, but who don’t have time for a restoration project.

Our selection includes products from Aladdin, Dietz, and other brands, and these products are available in many different styles, from traditional to casual, including lantern styles. We also carry products for use on tables, walls and hanging fixtures.