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Identifying 19th Century Lamps

During the 19th century, the world was transformed by a succession of technological developments. The race to better and brighter lighting led to the development of new fuels, combustion methods, and much more. Lamps from the turn of the century were primarily fueled by whale oil, which was extremely

Types of Antique Lamps

Antique lamps p a broad spectrum of well-known manufacturers and widely used materials, but determining the value of a lamp you own can be difficult. With reproductions abound, it is important to examine the overall condition and look for certain indications. To aid you in your search, we compiled many of

Antique Lamp Maintenance

Antique lamps are highly collectible, but most people value them for the exquisite quality one might only expect from a genuine antique. Oil lamps, desk lamps, and lamps of all kinds require regular care and maintenance. With routine cleaning, you can ensure that your lamp is preserved and looks great for

How to Rewire an Antique Lamp

When you purchase a lamp at auction or an estate sale, there is always a fair chance the lamp’s wiring is defective or wired incorrectly. Faulty wiring can pose many risks, the severest being a house fire caused by a frayed cord. Luckily, rewiring an antique lamp is easy to do on your own. With just a few affordable

How to Choose Between Fabric and Glass Lampshades

Choosing a lampshade may be an easy decision for some, but the wrong lampshade can often curtail the aesthetics of an elegant lamp. Lampshades are like hats. Once you know the accurate proportions, your lamp may be curiously satisfying to look at. Table and floor lampshades come in a variety of materials.

History of Kerosene Oil Lamps

Oil lamps have been a primary source of lighting for centuries. Although they were generally inefficient and difficult to store, these lamps gave light to a formerly dark world. Medical doctor and geologist Abraham Gesner began distilling coal to produce a clear fluid by 1846. He discovered that this clear fluid

Parts of Kerosene Oil Lamps

Whether you are rebuilding an antique kerosene oil lamp or you need only a few replacement parts to restore your kerosene lamp to its former glory, Antique Lamp Supply is here to help. This comprehensive guide explains all the parts of kerosene oil lamps, so you know what to look for while shopping for

Understanding Lampshade Styles

There’s no better way to make an old lamp new again than with a bold or classic lampshade. Choosing a shade may be an easy decision for some people, but the wrong lampshade can change the aesthetic of an entire room. Antique Lamp Supply has more than 60 years of experience in the lighting business, and we

Type of Oil Used in Oil Lamps

Oil lamps p a broad spectrum of shapes, sizes, and styles, but all of them come with certain safety concerns. Oil lamps require a precise form of fuel to illuminate efficiently and safely. As a rule of thumb, oil lamps burn about half of an ounce of oil per hour. Some oils burn faster than others, but we

How to Size and Hang a Chandelier

A chandelier can certainly add ambiance to any space but knowing what to look for can be difficult. Luckily, Antique Lamp Supply has over 60 years of experience in the lighting business, and we offer the knowledge you need to find the perfect chandelier for your dining room, foyer, or living room. In this

Types of Crystal

Crystal is a type of glass that refracts light rather than reflecting it. One can usually distinguish crystal from glass due to thickness, clarity, refraction, and sound. Crystal is thinner and clearer than glass, which makes it a popular choice for chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and much more. When struck,

Selecting the Right Floor Lamp for Your Space

Adequate lighting can revolutionize any space in a home. When it comes to redecorating, it can be difficult to decide among pendants, wall sconces, track lighting, chandeliers, floor lamps, or table lamps. The great advantage to floor lamps is that they double as decorative focal points. These lamps can be placed

Lamp and Ballast Disposal

Today’s lamps are highly efficient, because they use fluorescent lighting. Though physicists have attempted to perfect fluorescent lighting over the centuries, it wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century that the first mercury vapor lamp was invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt. His lamp employed an electric arc through

Matching Lamp Hardware

Lamps and other light fixtures play an important role in how we decorate our homes. Over time, table lamps, sconces, and chandeliers can suffer from missing hardware, warped parts, or worn electrical components. Most local hardware stores lack the rare or hard-to-find parts you need to restore an old lamp to its

Electrical Requirements for Antique Lamps

Early electric lighting and gas fixtures can be charming accent pieces for traditional, transitional, or modern homes. However, antique lamps such as these are not designed to be used in new homes with new and improved electrical requirements. Most antique table lamps fail to draw dangerous levels of electrical

Antique Lamp Brightness

Despite the demand for LED lighting, collectors continue to search for antique lamps and light fixtures that show age and evidence of skilled craftsmanship. There are a wide variety of antique or vintage lamps to choose from. Many of the light fixtures that were developed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries

Lamp Glossary

Accent: Lighting that is used to accentuate or emphasize an object or objects, such as artwork, figurines, or photos. Alabaster: A fine-grained form of white or translucent crystalline gypsum that is used to make fixtures or figurines. Ambient: A general mixture of artificial and natural lighting used to provide visibility in an entire room or space.

Updating an Old Lamp

Lamps are some of the most versatile furnishings you can use to decorate a home, and you can find great bargains on light fixtures if you know where to look. Lamps are hot commodities at antique stores, auctions, estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, and yard sales. Deciding what to do with an old lamp can be

How to Retrofit a Lamp Shade

Antique, vintage, and secondhand light fixtures have their charms, but many people decide to retrofit their lamps to complement a contemporary design aesthetic. Retrofitting allows you to update the overall look of your lamp with a new and improved shade. Before you can dive right into retrofitting, it’s

Lamps Through the Years

Illumination has changed drastically within the last several centuries. Home life, travel, and work are no longer bound by candlelight or limited by darkness. We may rely on accent, ambient, and task lighting in our homes today, but how have lamps changed through the years? This guide provides a general timeline